The purpose of this website is to provide you, the potential client, with an overview of my architectural history. Hopefully, you will see my buildings are diverse in their appearance, and the scope of the projects is diverse as well. The emphasis is on the function, the wishes of the Client, their budget, what is appropriate for the site and its surroundings. You’ll notice I don’t use the word “style”. I think of a design in terms of “language”. Once the “language” is selected, design decisions are made using that language throughout.

I don’t use computers to design or draft my structures. Computers are too limiting and enable architects to appear competent when they may not be. Any building should be fully understood both in its geometry and scale by its designer. Computers can assist in fabrication, but not replace old fashion intuition when conceiving the interior and exterior of a building. In short, if you can’t draw it, you should not be building it.

The projects I accept all have one thing in common, the design challenge. Every one of my structures is a one of a kind prototype, never to be repeated. And, whether a modest bathroom remodel or a major sports complex costing hundreds of millions of dollars, they have all been the result of solving an interesting design problem.

Art and Other Disciplines

I have included my art in the website to show how I incorporate other disciplines into my architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright likened architecture to music. I agree; many of today’s buildings are like atonal compositions intended to show what the new technology is capable of or simply to shock. When hearing such atonal pieces performed, you may marvel at its conception and execution, but hearing it once is quite enough. I strive to create art and buildings that endure without relying on fads or trends.

A well-trained architect should be proficient in art and music. I use my art to study the interaction of light both natural and artificial. This knowledge invites people into my buildings and to enjoy the passage of time throughout the day and the seasons.